Listen: Wild Honey – Fake Horoscopes EP (Algodón Egipcio & Gummy Soul remixes)

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Both parties look at each other with inquisitiveness.”What pray tell is this song?,” asks one of the lovers in somewhat humorously, prolonged defiance. No matter their current relation, they are always drawn to each other as if they were vermin. The stench of their affection pounding at the air around them. The more astute of the two catches on to their roaring panic and falls. Knees, you know are not enough for the weight of such heat. Suddenly, their bodies collide, and they are music.

This is quite literally the scene that just came to my Charles Dickens-childhood English Lit required mind. Venezuela’s Algodón Egipcio is the sexiest mofo on the planet. Seriously. So when he does anything that oozes sensuality, you better just sit back and enjoy the sonic striptease. The recent Fake Horoscope EP by Wild Honey, also remixed by Gummy Soul, the ruffian rapster-musician trio that tickles your who-haha’s, is to blame for this very chilled out, candle-lit-kind-of sundry, lo-fi bossa nova sound. This the kind of melodic, mood setting, slow grinding soundtrack you’d play for a long night of romantic dancing with wine and candles.

Stream Spain-based Wild Honey’s latest Fake Horoscopes EP (Algodón Egipcio & Gummy Soul remixes) below. To purchase, visit Lovemonk by clicking HERE.

Wild Honey – Fake Horoscopes EP by Lovemonk