Listen: Wild Honey's "An Army of Fat Synths"

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Madrid-based Wild Honey is back with its sophomore album Big Flash produced by Tim Gane of Stereolab. Big Flash creates soundscapes reminiscent of the breeziness of springtime tinged with a tropicalia vibe that creates the perfect collection of short but sweet psych pop songs. A fan of Gane’s production work on Stereolab’s albums, Wild Honey mastermind Guillermo Farré met with the producer in Berlin, where the two immediately clicked.  They began to play with ideas and weird effects that would end up on this album.

Big Flash literally goes by in a flash; it’s a 32 minute album composed of 12 songs that deserves an immediate second listen. The perfect soundtrack to a lazy beach day or a romp at the park on sunny afternoon, each note from the keyboard is a ray of sunshine that kisses your face. Each guitar note is a colorful butterfly dancing from flower to flower. This is the kind of groovy vibe that even makes the birds and the trees sway along to.

Some may compare Wild Honey’s sound to the Beach Boys, (the inspiration for the band’s name), while others may compare them to Os Mutantes or The Zombies. But to me, Wild Honey sounds like a cross pollination of generations that make timeless music.

It is dreamy psych pop that induces a euphoric mind state every time you listen to it. But be careful as you just may get addicted.

You can listen to the first single off of Big Flash, An Army of Fat Synths below.

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