Listen: Yeshua Elastik's Maybe Biblical 40/38 [MEX]

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One day I’d like to sit down with Mexican duo Yeshua Elastik to ask them what’s up with all the Biblical references surrounding them. First, their name: Yeshua equals Jesus in Hebrew, plus “elastic” refers to the resurrection. Secondly, their new album’s title is 40/38, so all my former-Catholic-school-girl spidey senses are pointing me toward the Old Testament. Regardless, the songs on this Martin Thulin/Hugo-Quezada-produced LP don’t seem as entrenched in Biblical mythology, at least not overtly. Instead, the group focuses on harsh-and-dark electronica and vocoder-heavy effects.

Hysterical,” the lead single off the 10-track album, takes a bleaker, dooms-day approach in sound while maintaining some anti-apocalyptic hope in the lyrics (“Es algo ridículo el creer que todo va a acabar”). Some other album highlights include the loud and messy “Planeta,” the bratty and groovy “Atlas,” and the somber outro, “Mirar.” Listen for yourself below.

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