Listen: Zombies in Miami’s "Roller Bit" ft. Lokier [MEX]

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According to “Roller Bit,” Zombies in Miami‘s new supernatural dance floor jam, if the undead were to rise in the party mecca of Florida, they would wield spooky synths over four-on-the-floor beats until their victims were too sweaty and tired to run from them.

In reality, Zombies in Miami are a Mexican duo—producers Canibal and Jenice—who make their own hybrid dance music: part disco, part heavy techno, and part brains-craving inspiration. They have shared stages with Matias Aguayo, Pachanga Boys, and Daniel Maloso, among many others, and have taken their flesh-rotting beats to the USA, Europe, and Asia, as well as their native country.

“Roller Bit,” which features assistance from Mexico City’s Yoan Lokier, features a rolling beat and chilling electronic notes. It’s part of a new EP called Cowboys and Indians that will be available thanks to the La Dame Noir label.

If you like dancing and terror in your techno, Zombies in Miami are tailor-fit for you.

(Photo by Ram Sánchez)