A New Indie Music Festival is Coming to Puerto Rico and the Lineup Is On Point

Lead Photo: Photo by Quique Cabanillas
Photo by Quique Cabanillas
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June 25 marks the inaugural Local Movement, an independent music festival based in Puerto Rico. By joining the ranks of Bronson Fest and Coors Light Indie Fest, Local Movement will be broadening the horizon for Puerto Rico’s local indie music scene.

The festival specializes in showcasing Puerto Rico’s best and brightest local acts, hence the namesake “Local Movement.” Circo, an electro pop rock band from San Juan, will be headlining the festival’s first lineup. Other artists who are scheduled to play include Buscabulla, the Brooklyn-based duo known for their sultry R&B slow burner “Métele,” as well as funky surf rock troubadours Los Bronson.

Hosted by the brand SIXNE and sponsored by heavyhitters like Smirnoff and Jack Daniel’s, the music festival is scheduled to run for one day only at the Tito Puente Amphitheatre in San Juan. Check out the flyer below.

Local Movement will go down on June 25 at the Tito Puente Amphitheathre in San Juan. You can purchase tickets for the festival at