Los Abandoned One Night Only Resurrection!

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Reunion! Flashback: in the summer of 2006, at San Diego’s House of Blues, L.A.’s cheeky, post-punk wave quartet Los Abandoned delivered an epic performance that I’ll never forget.

This time, they played alongside with Mexico’s rock en tu idioma pioneers Maldita Vecindad. The multi-instrumentalist, bilingual songstress Lady P. (aka Pilar Diaz) sung with high edge, enthuse and passion while she strummed that ukulele across the stage as if her hand was on fire. Other guys left quite an impression too, as lead guitarist Don Verde shredding his mahogany Gibson guitar kneeling to the ground while Vira Lata and Dulce held a tight and powerful structure on the rhythm section. All along, the crowd gazed at the Chilean-Mexican-Chicano band members while they played the show as if it was their last.

As we know, in 2007, these forefronts of the US’ Latin Alternative movement gave their farewell at TarFest, and announced on their breakup on MySpace quoting, “After 7 years of making music as Los Abandoned, we have made the collective decision to go our separate ways.” Indeed, Los Abandoned matched the skills like what USC’s communications professor Josh Kun compares them as: “Blondie meets Café Tacuba” while reflecting “the post modern Latino experience.” But why did they call it quits? (We’ll follow up on a Q&A that’s on the way!)

Spanning their career from 2000-2007, Los Abandoned’s hotly-acclaimed and self-produced EPs and groundbreaking performances garnered them high recognition and delighted the heats of thousands. These punk folk nu-wavers easily hauled any jaded listener and über-fan towards a landscape of bliss, love, ecstasy, and heartbreak. The group has also shared bills with impressive names such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Julieta Venegas, Zoé, Café Tacuba, Molotov and others. And finally, band-members decided to give their legacy a proper send-off with a one-time only performance at Echoplex on October 28th. There will be no opening act; just Los Abandoned rocking two separate sets followed by a Mucho dance party.

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