Los Angeles Azules get an Ondatrópica treatment

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Remember how Mexican cumbia legend Celso Piña crossed over successfully to the Latin alternative crowds in the early 2000’s with Barrio Bravo, an album where he collaborated with producer Toy Selectah (back then still Toy Hernández) among many others? Well, now it’s the turn of another Mexican cumbia legend.

DF’s Los Ángeles Azules had been around, doing their romantic cumbia thing, since the mid-seventies, but they didn’t catch a break until 1996 when they dropped the now classic “Cómo Te Voy a Olvidar,” a quinceañera-playlist must that reached the cumbia audiences across the whole continent, from the Latin United States to Chile and Argentina.

After last year’s unanimous critical acclaim of Ondatropica, a project led by two young avant-guard producers with old school cumbia players, timing couldn’t be better for doing something similar in Mexico. The two avant-guard producers in this case are none others than Camilo Lara (of M.I.S.) and, yes, of course, Toy Selectah (who had actually already remixed the above-mentioned classic song during his Sonidero Nacional days). We don’t know the details yet, but we can assume a bunch of stellar guest appearances and collaborations for this historic project. We can’t wait!

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