Tour Dates: Los Auténticos Decadentes & No Te Va Gustar join forces

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Los Auténticos Decadentes must be the biggest party band in South America. After twenty-five years of non-stop partying, I think they absolutely earned that title. If you haven’t seen these guys live yet, you are missing out. This twelve-piece band can still endure long sets of super high energy, as if they still were a wild bunch of 20-year-old soccer hooligans messing around with tropical music with a punk attitude for the first time. They had grown old, and refined their craft, but they haven’t lost any of that original spirit.

On July, the authors of immortal dance-floor packing party anthems like “La Guitarra” and “El Murguero” will be touring the United States, coast-to-coast, along with the leaders of the new generation of Rio de la Plata party monsters: Uruguay’s No Te Va Gustar. Now that’s a tour that requires some massive planning, just look at how many people are traveling, between the two bands they are 21 musicians, add technicians and management to that and you have the craziest, most crowded tour bus ever. Damn! Just imagine those after-concert parties…

Oh well, my point is, people at both side of the widest river in the world know how to party hard and when together, they ignite each other in some unique explosive combination. If you haven’t experienced it yet, this is your chance, and if you, like myself, grew up down there, you know you miss this kind of wild pachanga, it’s in your blood, and this happens every blue moon so you better take advantage of it.


July 5th – THE MAYAN CLUB- Las Vegas, NV
July 6th – THE DEPOT – Salt Lake City, UT
July 7th – ILLUSIONS SUPPER CLUB – Palo Alto, CA
July 8th – GIGGLES NIGHTCLUB – Glendale, CA
July 11th – HOWARD THEATRE – Washington, DC
July 12th – B.B. KING Blues Club & Grill – New York, NY
July 15th – GRAND CENTRAL – Miami, FL

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