Los Fancy Free Will Set Us Free

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We are just not thaaaaaaat excited about this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference lineup. Several bands have cancelled their appearances (Lapdance at BMI Showcase, Miranda! at Celebrate Brooklyn) or are still up in the air ( Emmanuel Horvilleur at Bowery Ballroom) and we’re just not excited about new music in general. Luckily, there’s Los Fancy Free, a Mexico City band led by Swedish-born Martin Thulin who will be performing in New York for the first time and promoting their latest album, Nevergreens Vol. 1, released on their own label Silicon Carne (yes, they’re witty.)

Los Fancy Free will be perfoming at an official LAMC showcase on Thursday July 10th at Bowery Ballroom (private showcase) with  artists they would never really play with outside a conference setting: Ximena Sariñana, Sussie 4, Emmanuel Horvilleur, La Pulqueria, Alex Cuba and DJ Pauer. But this event is private for conference registrants only. So check them out tomorrow, Wednesday July 10 at the eccentric Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg, where Los Fancy will be right at home share the stage with Brooklyn’s own and very awesome  Heavy Hands and Bunny Rabbit + Black Cracker .

Get your veggie’s worth by watching Los Fancy Free video for “Ja, ja, ja” starring Martin inside a caldero de sopa and cameo by singer Jessy Bulbo.