Video: Los Ferreto – "Retrovisión"

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Good lawd! What’s up with all these steamy&sexy Colombian videos? It’s already hard enough sitting in my office chair for like the entire day fantasizing about my amazing night tonight. But, hey if there’s anything better than surfing the web while still doing the job is doing the other most popular activity on the internet. And no, I don’t mean sending or reading an email.

Bogota’s pop rock group Los Ferreto, led by Jorge Córdoba, recently made its debut with this sexy new video, and with it, announces a forthcoming freshmen album Retrovisión this 2012; also the title of its first single/video. The track is and sounds cheesily optimistic about surpassing fears and accomplishing goals, but not in a bad way. Not sure about you, but I’d like to put my attention on butterfly pasties and ketchup&mustard squirts right about now.

[insert-video vimeo=44220395]