Video: Los Labios – "Bailando En Otra Parte"

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Los Labios had made a name for themselves in the ñu-cumbia scene of Buenos Aires thanks to their original formula and catchy pop tunes. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a hot girl with excess of sex-appeal on the mic and that they give away all their music for free.

Unlike many others in the cumbia new school, Los Labios’ cumbia is stripped down of all pretentiousness to focus on cumbia’s original values: make everybody dance and give them easy to sing-along choruses.

After releasing their second free EP, Luz & Fuerza (produced by El Chavez), the band, led by the multitalented Lulu Jankilevich (she also directs an e-zine of erotic art and photography), has just debuted its first official video. “Bailando En Otra Parte” includes cameos by Buenos Aires’ underground luminaires like Sergio Pángaro and Hernán Coronel, singer of the legendary cumbia villera outfit Mala Fama.

[insert-video youtube=rlS4m5qJOJc]