Los Macuanos: A Remezcla PHX Retrospective

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In honor of this Saturday’s Remezcla party at the Monarch Theatre, we’re giving you a look at the best of Remezcla’s coverage of Tijuana’s dancefloor mavens Los Macuanos, one of our headlining acts. RSVP now or you’ll miss out!


‘It’s already Fall […] so start gearing up for your creepy Halloween, Day of the Dead, and whatnot playlist. Tijuana’s ruidoson pioneers Los Macuanos remix “Witch,” a single from the fronteriza songstress from the same hood Dani Shivers!, making it spookier and dubbier than the uncanny original.’


‘Ruidosón trio Los Macuanos don’t really say much about their burrita, other than “la burrita” continuously, much less their experiences with one (note: el burrito on #6 is very different than #5), but the track is pretty awesome. If you’re still curious about this burra they composed a track to, then I suggest you tweet them or something.’

Los Macuanos – “☠ / ⚑ / ✞ (Sangre, Bandera, Cruz)

‘When the creepy spacy piano part comes in, Felipe Calderón dances around like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons with his hands and fingers gathering slowly together for an evil plan to fuck up Mexico while his eyes light up like “blood, flag and cross.” EEHCKcellent!’

Best Tracks of 2012

‘It’s basically now Winter and we’re getting über-shivery and turned on listening to this psycho sexual occult track. It seemed like some time since Tijuana’s wunderkind trio put together a tune that penetrated our minds with a political-esque theme, this one being about Mexico’s ex-president, Felipe Calderón. Los Macuanos are known to make music sound spooky yet meaningful, dissonant yet contagious.’

Los Macuanos – “El Camotero”

‘For those of you that are familiar to the camotero and his sounds the intro of the song will make you reminisce of the street vendors that would bring you delicious desserts to your doorstep or it will trigger the fear that this loud noise would induce. For those of you who don’t know these sounds, the next time you are in Mexico you will never see a camotero without thinking of this awesome song.’


‘Flipping a familiar sample from Los Angeles Negros (Damien Marley did it first!) and adding the haunting vocals of Colombian-born Lucrecia Dalt, Los Macuanos caught us off guard with a trippy downtempo gem that rivals the best work by genre rulers Echocentrics. Welcome to post-Nortec Tijuana.’

Be there.