Video: Los Master Plus – "El Gran Vacilón"

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With plenty hype about the appearance of the holopac at this year’s Coachella, it seemed pretty damn appropriate for these Tapatio remixing wunderkinds to release a cumbiatronica-heavy remake of Dr. Dre’s 2000 classic “Next Episode.” Known for remastering their own unique versions of covers such as No Doubt, Kings of Convenience, and others, in funny-ass realms, El Comanche and Larry Mon together take it to another level of hilarious ironic narcissism, firme gangster posses, and clubbin’ chick hollering in this latest single/video of “El Gran Vacilón.” Never disappointing, in that music break, just before the part where the late rapper Nate Dogg takes his solo in the original, Los Master Plus revamp shit up by turning up the BPMs and, of course, conquer over the ladies with a nice, grimy, ghetto choreography.

[insert-video youtube=DxYOgmPrpHI]

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