Free Download: Los Mesoneros – "Indeleble"

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Recently, Venezuela’s booming rock scene has been more in the international spotlight with bands like Viniloversus, Caramelos de Cianuros, and most recently, La Vida Bohème.

Adding to this growing roster, Caracas’ grungy pop quintet Los Mesoneros are ready to take on the world with their sound that’s a mixture of ’90s influenced alternative rock with pop sensibilities that incorporates riffs that could be heard well beyond South America. Their first album Indeleble was released in 2011 to critical acclaim, and have been recently nominated for four Latin Grammys (Best New Artist, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album and Best Recording Package) in this year’s awards ceremony to be held in November.

Indeleble” is the title-track from the album and starts off with a longing plucked electric guitar that sets the background for guitarist & lead singer Luis Jimenez’s lamenting lyrics that fit the mood perfectly. Then, the drumming of Andres Sucre comes in that helps keep the track from becoming a cliché ’90s revival song. The track builds up to power riffs that you know are bound to come in since the first note you hear.

The song has all of the sounds and elements of a ’90s perfect alternative ballad, but it’s done with a fresh pop vibe. This is a great band that knows how to craft up catchy pop songs and make them totally rock. Chances are you might feel like you’re back in the ’90s again listening to this, but regressing and longing for eras long gone is not a bad thing especially when done this well.

To download Los Mesoneros’ entire full-length album, Indeleble, visit their official webpage HERE.

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