Free Download: Los Mundos cover Spacemen 3 and The Jesus & Mary Chain

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To start off, I’m pretty excited about the latest shoegaze group to come out of Mexico, Los Mundos. Los Mundos is the dynamic duo of Alejandro Elizondo and Luis Martinez. Separately, they do some great work with 60 Tigres (Martinez) and Piyama Party (Elizondo) but together…well, they also do great work!

Los Mundos have a free, six-track EP coming up of covers titled Regalando Todo. However, they’ve decided to tease us listeners with two tracks at a time instead of releasing the entire thing at once. The first two tracks were just released and they’re good ones: “Cumpleaños,” a.k.a. “Birthday,” by The Jesus & Mary Chain and “Sonido De Confusión,” a.k.a. “Sound Of Confusion” (I think they meant “Walking With Jesus”), by Spacemen 3.

The J&MC cover is much fuzzier than the original while the S3 cover is a bit slower and cleaner. What I like most about both, though, is that the group translated the lyrics to Spanish.

Oh, and Regalando Todo will be released in its entirety this summer.