Mexico's Grunge Rockeros Los Negretes Give Away Their Albums

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Mexico is known for a lot of things, but rarely its effervescent punk scene. It’s about time the world recognized what Latin America and most Spanish speaking insiders’ have been on to for eons. Los Negretes have been rocking out the indie scene since early 2010 with their tripped out sound and ferocious appeal. This year they won the auspicious title of Best Punk Album at the 2012 IMAS awards, as well as finalists spot for the UFI awards, Best Mexican Artists category. These intrepid musicians are at it again, in the final production processes of their 3rd album and just offered up their first two, México City Blues and Los Últimos Diez Minutos de María Duval for free download via their bandcamp page. Check it out, catch up, and rock out like a wild child. Los Negretes are vicious — their music will smash you in the mouth and kiss it afterwards.