Mexican Psych Garage Band Los Negretes Taps The Clash’s Guitarist To Produce Their Next Record

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When bands form, it’s natural to for band members to let their imaginations roam free and come up with fantasy scenarios of what will happen. On breaks between badly-played covers and attempts at songwriting, band members might toss out imaginary “what if” situations for their own satisfaction: dream opening sets, bands that they will share festival bills with, and future collaborations.

Unfortunately, most of those dreams won’t come true. Which is why when something like this happens, it’s exciting not only for the band in question, but for everyone with just a passing interest. Mexican psych garage band Los Negretes have locked down Mick Jones, guitarist of one of the most legendary bands in punk rock history, The Clash. Jones will produce the band’s next album.

Los Negretes have been quietly building a legacy in the Latin American psych scene, becoming key figures by connecting bands and scenes from many countries in Central and South America with Mexico. So far, they have released two superb records of post-Velvet Underground garage and have toured relentlessly. The group is about to head to Perú, Chile, and Argentina.

Mick was not only a member of the pioneering UK punk band, he was also part of the post-punk group Big Audio Dynamite and has produced and collaborated with acts like Gorillaz and The Libertines.

Los Negretes’ third album will be titled Barbitúricos and will be available in early 2016.