Los Pilotos Return With Their Acid-Tinged Utopic Synthpop

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El Regreso De Logan sports an image that resembles a comic book cover-looking rendering of a space opera story. By the sound of it, it’s the kind of sci-fi adventure that can better be described as a utopia full of people singing futuristic pop songs and dancing the millennia away at their astro-discos.

Los Pilotos do not feature Elroy Jetson in it’s lineup; rather, it is compromised by Los Planetas’ Floren Muñoz and Banin Fraile, taking a break from their guitar duties with the Spanish cult heroes. Here, they let their synthpop freak fly ecstatically. These acid-tinged songs are optimistic, full of singalong moments which sometimes invite you to move your booty.

Recorded at Red Bull Studio in Madrid, El Regreso De Logan is the follow-up to their eponymous debut from 2011. Since their inception, they have produced some tracks for Fangoria and remixed people like Algodon Egipcio.

Catch the next rocket to their happy-go-lucky place beyond the stars right below.