Video: Los Punsetes – "Alférez Provisional"

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Canadá is at it again. They’re basically on fire as of late. This rocked-out video for Los Punsetes is a voodoo frenzy. With that guy in Florida having just been slaughtered for eating some guy’s face, I’m sure you’re all quite aware that the zombie apocalypse has begun. And well, we all know that zombies are controlled or maybe initiated in voodoo brainwashing. Though “Alférez Provisional” didn’t delve too much into the who, what, where, when, or why of garish revitalization of death, it does plant a playful and vigorous rivalry between bandmates. The music is apt for the visuals as would be expected from anything Canadá. I think the lead singer’s hair cut is probably the best part of the whole act, and when she’s casually set ablaze, I couldn’t help but think of Brian Eno and Oingo Boingo for some reason. The ’80s are alive and well along the hipster echelons, but this video is keeping it fresh, or dare I say, reviving the un-dead aesthetic of pastels and waxy witchery.

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Download Los Punsetes’ latest album Una montaña es una montaña below: