Free Download: Los Punsetes' "Tus Amigos"

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My friend just sent me this song, assuming that I’d enjoy it. I have many online “friends,” and they tend to do things like that. Send me things they think I’d like. Most of the time I just ignore them, because I already listen to a lot of crappy music on a daily basis. But this one landed during one of my good moods so I decided to give it a chance.

I’ve never heard of this Spanish band before, and I have no idea what their name means: Los Punsetes. I’m guessing my friend saw them last month during their first visit to New York, where they performed at LAMC, she liked them, and for some reason, she wanted to share them with me, of all people.

I started playing “Tus Amigos” and my first reaction was “f%*# my friend!” Didn’t I make it clear enough that I hate indie bands with girls who sing in that monotone naive vocal style that resembles kindergarten teachers? “F%*# all my online friends who send me lame-ass wimpy music!”

But then it hit me. Halfway through the song, I actually started paying attention to the lyrics. I was hooked. I even paused it and started listening all over again from the beginning because I noticed I was missing something big, HUGE! Blinded by my cynicism, I hadn’t noticed that “Tus Amigos” actually has one of the best hooks ever written: “Que le den por culo a tus amigos” (“I hope your friends get it up their asses” or literally, “F%*# your friends!”).

I wanted more, and I soon found it. If the song was great, the video was even better, putting the song in context, contrasting the pretty melodies and the girly singing with random images of gay-friendly humor, rampant with naughty anal sex references, dildos, hairy male butts, and a prostate (there’s even a simulated bukkake scene!). And on top of it all, the video made clear that the chorus line was referring to those online friends we all have nowadays. Now I understand why my online friend sent it to me.

I’m puzzled now, I feel like I should add Los Punsetes as my friend…

Download Los Punsetes’ “Tus Amigos” for FREE below and check out the video. And maybe stop being so resistant and snobby and start trusting your so-called online friends when they tell you a certain Spanish band is good.

Watch the bukkake-inclusive video for Los Punsetes’ “Tus Amigos”: