Watch & Download: Los Rakas' "Kalle"

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Sure, we like our Rakas soft and sweet (case in point: Abrázame,” our #3 Best Track of 2010), but we like ’em thug, too. Our go-to Panama duo Los Rakas just dropped their latest single off their Panabay Twist 2: La Tanda Del Bus mixtape, the harsher, dance-hall styled anthem “Kalle (via RCRD LBL) and its occasionally black and white, occasionally color-filled music video, directed by Craig Nisperos while the guys were in New York during last summer’s LAMC. Sorry, Oakland…but the boys are reppin’ the big apple on this one. But don’t worry, Oaktown t-shirts aplenty.

Their new EP Chancletas y Camisetas Bordadas is out this spring. In the meantime, check out DunDun and Rico’s stank faces while they proclaim “A mí me vale madre lo que digan de mí,” in Los Rakas’ NYC-centric video for “Kalle” and download the track at RCRD LBL.