Free MP3: Los Rakas get the Moombahton treatment (by J-Boogie)

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Remember that Rakas’ track we gave away last august? Here you have it again, but this time in a moombahton remix done by Bay Area’s J-Boogie. It’s actually a half of a double release with DJ Theory and it comes with an Outkast remix as well, but the one we are interested on here is the one with Los Rakas‘ “Ta Lista” lyrics over a funky moombah beat, because, honestly, it sounds even better than the original!

To be fair it’s not properly a Los Rakas remix, since it also includes vocals from a few other popular rap songs (slang master E-40 and Digable Planets’ Ladybug Mecca are also sampled), but Los Rakas keep the spotlight for most of the track and that’s what counts. Here you have it, it’s called “Motto Moombah” and it’s the first dance floor instant classic of 2012.

Motto Moombah feat. Los Rakas & E-40 — (Edit Pack w/ Theory in description) by jboogie dubtronic