Lost Mapaches' "Back to Basics" flips your world al revés

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Back to Basics” varied electro low-fi, hums harmonic and buzzes synths that contrast well with the earthy amish girls in this strange, but by no means, surprising new video. As mystical floating rocks invading the quiet comfort of a bright country day and our lovely Guadalajara-based duo Lost Mapache boys stand stunned by the heavens, I almost expected them all to float up into the atmosphere in an alien abduction gone indie rock. This synth-pop calling card for green living and and its strange 90’s visuals, fresh with coy angles and even apples randomly falling from the sky, reminds of MTV in its fading glory. The sallow looking ladies in the video, spitting up gunk and flowers don’t seem out of the ordinary against the back drop of Lost Mapache’s swill howls and simple composition. The final shots of fish flapping in wet palms and blue hallowed ladies floating in bathtubs oddly placed in the middle of a field fit well with the etherial nature of the song and its lingering themes. The production team behind this video is the same Cinema de Gypsies behind the “Teen Spirit” – Nirvana pop-rock Gaga mixup on Belanova’s infectious “1,2,3, Gooo!!!” No wonder.

[insert-video youtube=5h_0HFXlaec]