Listen: Bajofondo's Luciano Supervielle's "Adonde van los pájaros"

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Besides playing keyboards and rocking the turntables with the successful transnational combo Bajofondo, every once in a while, Uruguayan multi-instrumentalist Luciano Supervielle finds time to delight us with his own beautiful music.

A few years ago he was the first Bajofondista to deliver a solo album, simply titled Supervielle, where he stretched the sample-based tango formula toward the ethereal and dreamy. He also was one of the first to have Ana Tijoux as a guest vocalist, way before she blew up to international proportions.

Rêverie is the title of his upcoming second solo effort, where he consciously ditches tango almost completely to focus on creating something more his own, while still being true to his rioplatense roots and pertinent to the Bajofondo universe (even though, unlike its predecessor, this new album doesn’t seem to carry the Bafofondo label on its title).

Here is the first single off Rêverie, the elegant and enchanting “Adonde van los pájaros.” We want more!