Free Download: Lucy and the Popsonics' "Fred Astaire"

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Fernanda Popsonic and Pil Popsonic, founders of Lucy and the Popsonics, teamed up with drummer Beto Cavani to create an abrasive rock band that throws guitars and synthesizers up against a sandblaster. In 2010 they recorded their second album, Fred Astaire, with Brazilian pop producers John Ulhoa of Pato Fu. What Lucy and the Popsonics does well is carry a rock heavy beat. With Beat the Donkey headbanger moments, Lucy and the Popsonics will take you back to a time when you were 14 years old, clad in barbwire necklaces and baggy black chain-link pants. You’ll remember your angst-drenched youth with passing fondness. Lucy and the Popsonics tease with electro-pop interludes that promise to deliver CSS addictive beats, but their sound is far removed from their Brazilian sisters. Singing exclusively in Portuguese, they never quite hit that underground eclecticism, instead treading a fine line between alt-rock and computerized mayhem.

Download Lucy and the Popsonics’ title track “Fred Astaire” below.

If you’re in NY, catch them at Fontana’s on March 23rd.