Luis Alberto Spinetta is doing OK

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After a series of re-tweeted unfounded rumors and pitiful tabloid headlines, the rock en español pioneer sent out a letter to his fans confirming that yes, he has been fighting lung cancer, but he’s on his way to fully recover.

Luís Alberto Spinetta is considered one of the founding fathers of Argentine rock (along with Charly García) and a very influential figure in his homeland as well as across Latin America. He is also the father of Illya Kuryaki & The Valderrama‘s half Dante, who earlier today (Fri. Dec 23rd) posted via-twitter this “Letter from my father Luís Alberto.” Since his beginnings with Almendra in the ’60s, to later forming bands like Pescado Rabioso and Invisible in the ’70s, followed by a very prolific solo career, “El Flaco” Spinetta hasn’t stop releasing new innovative music with his unmistakable style easily distinguished by his love for poetry and heavily influenced by jazz.