Listen: Lulacruza New EP "Circular Tejido"

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Some of you may have already heard of Lulacruza, since they had a song included in 2009’s ZZK Sound Vol. 2. But it would be a huge mistake to put them in the same bag with the cumbia digital scene. They may have experimented with some traditional Colombian costeñas in the past, but their focus is more about connecting the forgotten South American folklore with modern electronic techniques, with artsy aspirations.

Hence, don’t expect dance-floor oriented tracks from these fellas or kitsch “ironic” collages of lowbrow sudaca urban culture. Quite the opposite. Lulacruza, comprised of an Argentine programmer/multi-instrumentalist and a Colombian singer with a distinctive high-pitched voice, makes beautiful soundscapes, with delicate arrangements and an undeniable respect for the music’s roots.

So if you enjoy the quirky minimalist pop of Juana Molina or you dug Hector Buitrago’s solo album, Conector, with all its shamanic pachamama-loving chanting, this might be right up your alley.

Circular Tejido is the title of Lulacruza’s latest self-released EP and it goes out for a mere $5. Sorry, no freebies this time. But listen to the single “Simple Reflejo” for FREE and purchase the whole thing at the group’s Bandcamp.