Free Download: M.A.M.I. – "El Mami parte 1" (full album!)

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If Estrella Hood toned down the tropical clichés, though exquisitely hone to California’s audience and style, the outcome might be the very funk, ambient, and r&b focused release, like this one by Daniel Gómez aka M.A.M.I. This Medellin “Mad Professor” is definitely onto something here. His somber work dictates a methodical, metronomic skew of sounds. But the truth is, there is an intuitively deconstructive and reconstructive element in Gomez’ laboratory tinkering. Strip Steve‘s acclaimed new album Migro Mega might be the only recent subatomic quandary that comes close to this minutely controlled, dance club ambience by this mastermind, M.A.M.I. Though nowhere near as dub-centric as the original poison-elixir mixer Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser, I’d affirm that M.A.M.I.‘s Colombian cadence is as much a catchy work of pulp-sounds, as it is a referential electro-pop homage to Daft Punk and all our favorite house-tinged, noise-alchemists metal beats.

Download the first instillation of this soon to be epic trilogy, El Mami Parte 1, and continue the lofty hopes of one day mechanizing a musical robot to takes us all higher than Olympus.