Video Premier: Maga Bo – "No Balanço da Canoa" ft. Rosângela Macedo & Marcelo Yuka (+ mp3)

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World-wide lovers of tropical bass and Afro-Brazilian percussion will certainly go bananas over this release. Leave it to a native of Rio de Janeiro to envision the future of Brazilian beats but make sure this carioca has done his rounds backpacking around the scariest corners of the planet so that his music is infused with a global perspective and crossover appeal beyond its niche.

That’s pretty much the formula behind Maga Bo‘s success in the world bass scene. He knows his local rhythms (from samba de enredo, to capoeira, to baile funk), but he approaches them from a hip-hop and dub production frame, and he stays at prudent distance from the entrapments of nostalgia pointing always toward futuristic landscapes, creating new hybrid genres and subgenres.

Maga Bo‘s new album aptly named Quilombo do Futuro (quilombos were the settlements of freed and/or fugitive slaves from the times of the Portuguese colony, similar to palenques, in Spanish-speaking neighbor countries) will be released world-wide on May 22nd and it includes guest appearances by a vast array of renown rappers, ragga toasters, funkeiros and percussionists.

Here’s the video for the album’s first single, “No Balanço Da Canoa,” portraying that futuristic vision of a technology-obsessed world colliding with the old Afro-Brazilian traditions. Below, find the FREE download of the single. Now, time to learn some capoeira moves.

[insert-video youtube=6dbb4y7AIG4]

02 No Balanço da Canoa feat. Rosângela Macedo and Marcelo Yuka by MAGA BO