Video: Making Movies – "Hangover Blues"

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Kansas City’s own Making Movies aren’t really known for actually making movies. Although they probably do on their spare time. What we do know as a fact about these guys is that they make some Afro-Latin bilingual rock and that they have a lot of fun at their gigs.

Just take a look at their latest video. Don’t you wanna be just there, with them, doing shots at that bar, wearing a poncho and a zorro mask? These guys really know how to party hard in KC, and sure, they probably have to endure more than a hangover, hence this sweet cruda remedy of a song.

There’s a whole EP they’re giving away for free, I haven’t listened to it yet but judging by the title, alcohol is kinda like their recurrent theme. Now that I think about it, watching a movie made by these guys could be quite fun, even if it’s just a documentary about their life of excess and debauchery on and off stage.

[insert-video youtube=qdtP9vfQRQU]

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