Watch: Maluca digs Blackberry + Wepasode #1

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Hey, the Maluca Malas of the world have to make some dough, too. Washington Heights and Mad Decent collaborator Maluca is turning corporate tricks as the current face of urban Blackberry. Before her, Diplo toyed with the phone, but it’s the up-and-comer’s turn to fiddle with the Torch. The irony of it all: she just mentioned in a T Magazine interview that she doesn’t even have cell phone service. She’s that broke. Oy. She’s living the dream, but that dream costs money, so keep endorsing, chica.

Currently she’s filming a series titled Wepasodes. Watch the first Wepasode, “Fly on a Budget,” below to see Maluca buying food stamps, because according to her, she lives with her mom and she has $4. Also watch both her Blackberry Torch ads to see how Washing Heights girls use their Blackberries. Apparently they record awesome hooks like “Tengo una suavesura.”