Marcelo Cunning from Nacotheque

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Name: Juan José Ramirez AKA Marcelo Cunning

Roots: Born in Jalisco, Mexico. Raised both in Mexico and northern California.

Age: 22

Where do you live? LES

Dayjob: In the works.

Why “Nacotheque”? Originally I wanted to call it “Pelo Suelto” after the popular Gloria Trevi song, but it didn’t have the right flow; although that song embodies the movement to a tee. I wanted something a bit more accessible. Since I love the idea of “Nacos” and better yet, Nacos dancing, I put the two together and kablam! Nacotheque was born.

What should we expect on Tuesday night [at the 1st Nacotheque]? Lots of dancing to classic, rare, new and unreleased spanish-sung rock y pop en espanish. With the occasional pseudo celebrity dj (hopefully).

Is the LES ready for rock y pop en espanol and Latin music? Yes, It’s time. If the LES isn’t ready, I’m hoping to get them there. NYC is known for being perhaps the most trendy, forward-thinking city in the States. Why wouldn’t they be ready for something like Nacotheque?   It’s hard to bring something new and fresh to a place like NY where everything has been done. This is it and it has substance, mind you. Americans can listen to French-sung pop but they can’t listen to Spanish-sung pop? I won’t hear that.

What were you listening to 10 years ago? Ten years ago Cafe Tacuba’s Avalancha De Exitos was released. The single “Chilanga Banda” was all over the radio. I bought the tape in Guadalajara’s legendary Discos Aguilar. I was twelve years old.  From what I understand, seven out of the eight tracks on the record became top radio singles. It’s a covers record, but most of the songs are dramatically changed. I probably listened to it every single day for a year straight. So much that my sister, a total banda-corrido nerd, got into it herself. All of a sudden, all of HER friends were asking me for the tape! I remember sitting in class inside La Secundaria (Junior High) watching one of her friends walk by singing “Alarmala De Tos”.

What were you listening to 10 minutes ago? La Barranca’s “El Fluir” and I Monster’s “Neveroddoreven”

Top 5 favorite Spanish-language singin’ artists of all time: In no particular order: Juan Gabriel, Gloria Trevi, Enrique Bunbury, Chavela Vargas, Lucybell

Guilty (Latin music) pleasure: Mi banda El Mexicano & Los Bukis (old stuff)

Favorite track of the moment: Torn between The Spinto Band’s “Oh Mandy” and Fobia’s “2 Corazones”

…and that track that really makes you cringe: “Gasolina” or anything Reggaeton

Where/how do you find new music? Pitchforkmedia,, soulseek (legal stuff only, eh…), artist sites, friends,,

What brought you to NYC? The lovely weather of course! Just kidding. Opportunity and hope, I suppose. And bit of curiosity?

Favorite spot here: Any place with a free, strong wifi connection. I’m still exploring.

Least favorite: The train after midnight.

Other projects: Bloodsport, an indie/electro dance night. Impostor, my band/production project. Visit for details.

What does “cosmopolatino” mean, anyway? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that term but I’ll use my linguistic skills and guess that it means being with it while being aware of your heritage. In this case, the latino heritage.

Algo mas? Digan no a las drogas caras y que dios los bendiga. Visiten para mas info.

Nacotheque makes its debut Tuesday, February 28th at the Cake Shop, and will continue every 2nd and 4th Tuesday thereafter.