March Playlist: No Jodas con Texas: A SXSW Sampler

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I’ve never been to Texas, but I’ve heard you’re not supposed to mess with it. So we won’t. Instead we’ll kiss its ass by naming an entire playlist after it. This month, the always-wonderful (and very Latin inclusive—yeah, we’re looking at you, Coachella and Bonnaroo!) South by Southwest Music Conference will roll out its lineup once more in the great state’s capital city. For the geographically impaired, we’re talking about Austin. Thousands of bands, near and abroad, ancient and ripe, lame and unlame, come together during these six days of non-stop, musical outpour. Some bands break out, others burn out. But one thing remains: it’s a true music-lover’s paradise. If you’re the “I like to feel like I’m part of the earth while I experience the music” type, then SXSW might not be for you. No mud. No tents. But plenty of drugs and B.O., so you might still feel right at home.

To start getting in the South By mindset, download our March Playlist, No Jodas con Texas: A SXSW Sampler, a smorgasbord of the Latin talent gracing Austin this year. We gave you dark, bitter darkness last month, but March is lighter, reserved for those bands who house the good ol’ indie festival spirit. We spoil you rotten yet again with another great collection. This time we upped the ante, a 10-track set which sees some sweet-voiced ladies (Russian Red and Carla Morrison), a crew of garage punks (Mujeres and Las Robertas), a pack of party animals (Mexican Institute of Sound and She’s a Tease), some rather unconventional leading men (David Garza and Rey Pila), and more. We can’t imagine a better way to begin South By than with “No Longer Fun” (Rey Pila), funky, fresh, and absurd; or a more fitting way to cap it all off, than with the epic jolt of Carla Morrison’s “Yo Sigo Aquí.” So even if you’re not fortunate enough to jet to Austin on March 15th, hopefully we can bring a bit of the festival’s greatness to you via No Jodas con Texas.

Happy travels!



1. Rey Pila – “No Longer Fun” (Rey Pila)
2. David Garza – “Anabella” (Shed Light)
3. Polock – “Nightshot” (Getting Down from the Trees)
4. Russian Red – “Cigarettes” (I Love Your Glasses)
5. Las Robertas – “Back to the end” (Cry Out Loud)
6. Mexican Institute of Sound – “Carnaval” (Suave Patria EP)
7. Mujeres – “L.A.” (Mujeres)
8. Pedropiedra – “Inteligencia Dormida” (Pedropiedra)
9. She’s a Tease – “Why?” (Millonaria)
10. Carla Morrison – “Yo Sigo Aquí” (Mientras Tú Dormías)