Free Download: María y José – "C-L-U-B Negro"

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So you’ve been patiently awaiting something post-Kibosé to keep your high-energy tropi-dance tempo in check. But, there hasn’t been too much since M.A.M.I. to quell the beast quite like María y José‘s savage disco inducing–and simultaneously ruthless–jukability. You’ve been practicing your booty rolls with Selma Oxor‘s latest User 69 release, but sometimes you need a little palm tree and coconut, á la Cocobass, to mix it up just right. You feel the monster within, whispering inside your head, scratching out your ear, panting a carnal urge to shake your human form free of this demonic possession. Never fear, devil child, November marks the release of María y José dj/producer Tony Gallardo II’s LP Rey de Reyes.

The first single, “C-L-U-B Negro,” will have you spitting up goat’s blood and manifesting signs of internal trauma, but with a little bit more of a 3Ball feel than usual. There is something ominously repressed under the shifting vocals and pop-passing here.