Video: María y José's "Granada"

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We wish there were two María y Josés. Fortunately, in his new video for the contagious “Granada,” there are! The Mexican wunderkind, née Antonio Gallardo, just released this low-budget clip, similar to his “Mi Chulita,” which also seemingly employed the use of Photo Booth from his MacBook Pro (or some other web cam DIY technology), and a mask of sorts. This time he ditched the bunny face for a ski mask, all while professing, “Tengo una granada que quiero explotar” and “Pienso en ti a cada instante.” It’s either a terrorist’s anthem or he means grenades in the Jersey Shore context. Either way, he’s a-dorable. Stop masking your face! He finally does in the second half of the clip, and, let me tell you, this kid’s too cute. I want to cradle him like a small child. Is that weird? That’s a little weird. Sorry.

However, he doesn’t distance himself too much from the religious (obvious in his name, his album Espíritu Invisible, and, um, the picture above), so he starts the video off with a somber Jesus image and from there the song just gets greater. Watch María y José’s “Granada” below to feel just as creepy as I do.