María y José & Matilda Matanza: Gracias a dios hay internet (Free EP)

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The ’90s are coming back. And soon, take our word. Our homies at Melomaniaco down in Tijuas sent us a nice li’l tip with this anticipated EP we’ve been eager to hear, Gracias a dios hay internet, word. Tony Gallardo (AKA María Y José), who you’ll recognize from our Best Tracks of 2011, and Oscar Rodríguez (AKA Matilda Manzana) join forces on this 2-track ’90s-inspired EP with to classic noventero hit covers. In “Up & Down,” a Venga Boys cover, María y José once again steps into tribal guarachero territory while keeping his own sound original style of ruidosón. “Lick It,” by Matilda Manzana, is a mellowed-out tropical shoegaze tune, where apparently you’ve gotta “lick it” before we kick it — a Candy cover!! Oh, come on, you guys knew that. We’ll leave ya with the good folks of Melomaniaco‘s post where you can download the entire 2-track EP HERE, and soundcloud with MyJ’s techno pop-heavy remixed tune, cause the ’90s are coming back, MoFo!

Up & Down (Vengaboys Cover) by María y José