Video: Marley Muerto – "Tren" (feat. Sxrs)

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Tren” by Ecuador’s Marley Muerto is one of those songs that begs you to loll about in your undies next to the air conditioner, enjoying the evening pass by lackadaisically. Marley Muerto aka Daniel Pasquel is a mysterious musician that seems to run from every sort of influence imaginable. The video, “Tren” directed by Andrés Arizmendy is a chimeric narrative in reverse, where Diana Murcia casts as the young dreamer trapped in a quixotic journey through the past. Marley Muerto assuages ears. I sat here with a friend, trying to watch the video backwards, piecing together the story while falling into somber respite. The quiescent qualities of the single and the suspended reality of the video make for a nice pairing. Watch this clip the good old fashioned way, and download the tune below. Then, evaginate and piece the puzzle together.