Video: Matador Rockers – "Spoilers" feat. Tote King

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Do you enjoy watching movies? These guys here want to ruin your experience by giving away the ending of pretty much all famous Hollywood flicks, well, in the form of a very ingenious rap song.

We introduced you to Matador Rockers a while ago here on Remezcla, and their featured guest, Tote King, is like one of the top-notch superstar MCs of Spain’s hip-hop, so he barely needs any introduction. Together they go through a long list of Hollywood classics with surprising twists and endings, and they basically spoil them for you. Truth be told, there’s very little actual spoiling done since you’ve probably seen most of those movies already anyway. Even if you haven’t, you definitely already know that Dark Vader is Luke’s father and Bruce Willis was a ghost all along.

Still, it’s a very entertaining track, with dope lyrical skills and a pretty cool video with black-&-white comic-style art that at times reminds me of A-Ha‘s “Take On Me,” and at other times it evokes Sin City.

I seriously wish more Spanish-speaking rappers were approaching original topics on their rhymes and coming out with songs like this one, instead of the clichéd tales from the hood and ego-tripping.

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