Mati Zundel drops ñu-cumbia video, "Señor Montecostes"

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Since their inception in the global music scene in 2008, Argentina’s ZZK Records has been making the world dance with their post-modern approach to cumbia while also hypnotizing us with their distinctive surreal and fluorescent video aesthetics.

However in 2011, after what seamed like a constant stream of new, innovative music for a couple of years, the record label that pretty much put the word cumbia in the mouths of American and Euro hipsters for the first time, remained virtually silent with only one official release during this whole year: Chancha Via Circuito‘s Rio Arriba.

¡A no desesperar! Ñu-cumbia enthusiast have plenty to rejoice with recently announced ZZK’s upcoming new releases. We’ve already mentioned Super Guachín‘s upcoming debut on a previous post, now get acquainted with Mati Zundel. He already had an EP released on ZZK Records under his alter-ego, Lagartijeando, but on this new project (to be co-released with Waxploitation in early 2012) he goes by his birth name. “Señor Montecostes” is the first track of this new phase in Mati’s career and it’s quite promising. Plus the video, with that psychedelic-masked samurai butcher is absolutely, ridiculously, mind blowing. I wanna try whatever these guys are putting into their mate.

[insert-video youtube=NbUfQpF3PFA]