Video: Matias Aguayo’s "Ritmo Juarez"

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Ok, Matías Aguayo (when he’s not playing at antros in Monterrey with Rebolledo and crew) has been making us swoon with his swilling, echoey enchantments for ages. Milking the success of 2009’s Ay Ay Ay for all its worth, the king of minimal-pop has joined the ranks of green screen video-montage mongers across the world. With a dazzlingly tropical, neon narnia of his own drawings (don’t quit your day job), this video for “Ritmo Juarez” directed by Julia Kasprzak unlocks the secrets to Latin American hipsterdom:

A) Pink pants
B) Hawaiian print shirts
C) Un-choreographed gyrations

Yes, girls and boys, Matías Aguayo won’t stop mesmerizing us with his mystical huffs and faint howls. These technicolor, pre-school pencilings might just land him a slot at the MoMA, but ssssssshhhh, “don’t tell nooobody.” We wouldn’t want to lose Aguayo to the ranks of art aficionados. He’s our favorite Buenos Aires á la Paris pop star and we’re not gonna give him up. Hurry up and give us another quack and quake album, Matías.

Until then, enjoy Matías Aguayo’s hilarious little Lite-Brite, mirror magic music video for “Ritmo Juarez.”