May Playlist: Vamos a la Playa

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A mí me gusta bailar? Correct. Which is why we’ve decided to make May’s playlist all about veraneo. Come May, weather woes are over. It’s safe to say, for us East Coasters, we’re in the clear. Temperatures will rise, humidity will pour, suns will birth tans, gas will become free, peace in the Middle East will be restored, and Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres will come back for another glorious season. OK, maybe those last ones won’t happen, but the point is, there’s a wonderful feeling that anything can happen during the summer months (summer fridays, summer trips, summer lovin’). So you need the proper summer music for your summer-filled days. You can’t just stand there at bbqs staring at each other’s faces, you can’t just drive in silence to the beach, you can’t just make out in the sand without carefully selected tunes. These things just aren’t done. It’s one thing to be mute in the winter (it’s encouraged, actually), but not summer. Summer is when we Latinos really get loud. Sorry, America.

To celebrate the good times, we’ve crafted May’s Playlist, Vamos a la Playa, a 10-track set of songs that will guide you toward good and bad decisions. In the mix we have some exclusive tracks generously donated by two of our favorite electro-heads: remix king Future Feelings and Brazuelan duo Sunsplash. While Sunsplash’s “Interferece” offers a pre-party pick-me-up, Future Feelings’ “Special Kind” is a great pick-up dance jam, slow and sexy. Los Amparito’s AM remix is asado poised, while nitoniko’sEl mismo cielo” is a great companion to a relaxed day at the beach. We’ve also laced the playlist with some key party tracks courtesy of Toy Selectah, Capri, Hijo de la Cumbia, and our go-to Brazilian warrior woman Zuzuka Poderosa.



1. Los Amparito – “Self Pres” (AM Remix)
2. La Vida Boheme – “Danz” (Nuestra)
3. Toy Selectah – “Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit” (Mex Machine)
4. Sonora & Zuzuka Poderosa – “Thriller Beats” (Sonora Remezcla: Zuzuka Poderosa)
5. nitoniko – “El mismo cielo” (Selva de Mar)
6. Hijo de la Cumbia – “El Baile Oficial”
7. Sunsplash – “Interferece” (Live in Maracana)
8. Dixybait – “Los Muchachos Perdidos”
9. Capri – “Mostro” (DJ Mode Re Remix)
10. Future Feelings – “Special Kind”