The Mayor of Austin Has Declared Today "Peligrosa Day," Thereby Becoming Our Favorite Mayor

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In an effort to celebrate Austin’s prevalent Latino culture, Mayor of Austin, Lee Leffingwell has proclaimed August 8th as Peligrosa Day! A statement from DJ Orión, Peligrosa founder, below:

The City of Austin Music Division is committed to recognizing and promoting quality artistry and diversity, all while keeping the city as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. In naming today as Peligrosa Day, our traditions and cultural identity are further imprinted in history. Most of the members of the Peligrosa Crew might’ve grown up listening to cumbia, folclor and gaitas at their parents parties, but didn’t fully appreciate it until later in life. Now with the moombathon movement and the success of groups like 3Ball MTY, our music can be translated to the masses. Six years in the making, Peligrosa is not only home to latino DJ’s and artists, but from all different corners of the world, where music is the language they use to communicate. When we listen and experience Peligrosa’s music, we learn something about ourselves and ancestors from the first beat, where the unavoidable foot tapping and hips swivels that ensue are something we have all shared. The Peligrosa Crew are constantly pushing the envelope within Latino music, recreating the sights and sounds of our Latino America.

Check out KLRU PBS’s Documentary about the Crew HERE.

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