Video: Mcklopedia – "Como Somos" feat. Apache

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Rarely do you see such an artsy video done with such visual beauty from a hip-hop artist. Even rarer: to see Latin American male rappers opening up their hearts this wide and showing their sensitive side on their verses, putting aside all that gangsta bravado and ego-tripping, to talk about their kids, mothers, girlfriends, and real life situations.

In other words, the collaboration of these two super talented Venezuelan MCs is a once in a lifetime event and the resulting video will sure make history raising the bar for all Latin American hip-hop.

What we have here is Latin American hip-hop reaching maturity. Leaving behind the silly poses, the cloning of US commercial rap trends, and all the annoying clichés. Mcklopedia and Apache are doing their own thing, in their very own style, but with real hip-hop skills in a way that can reach any audience way beyond the inherently hermetic limitations of the hip-hop scene. This is simply some awesome rap that the boys in the hood have to give props to, and something that your mom and your grandpa can enjoy as well. This was unthinkable ten years ago. Enhorabuena!

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