Mediopicky Makes Vin Diesel Our New Favorite Trap/Bachata Superstar

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Vin Diesel.

Multi-millionaire, film star, father, Latin-tinged trap anthem inspiration?

If what we’re seeing from Mediopicky sampling Vin Diesel greeting fans while on a drive through El Naranjito and El Cerro in Puerto Rico were to come to fruition, we’d be so turnt up in the Remezcla offices. ¬†We’re already screaming “cuando terminemos” and “todo el mundo” for hours on end.

Diesel’s love for Latin culture is honest and pure, as he’s stated many times over (it’s even quoted on Wikipedia) that he’s a “person of color” with “connections to many different cultures.” To wit, he directed Los Bandoleros, a short filmed in the Dominican Republic.

As tight as the track that Mediopicky SHOULD DEFINITELY FINISH really could be, could Vin Diesel bring rap to bachata in a style that blows Drake and Romeo Santos out of the water? Or, are we wanting Vin and Daddy Yankee on the soundtrack to Fast and The Furious 8?

We’re kidding here, or are we? Given how deep Diesel likes to roll in Dominican culture, is August 9th too soon to maybe get a few more samples out to Mediopicky and get Vin on a float at the Dominican Day Parade in NYC?

Stranger things have happened in the music industry…