Meet Ø+yn & GMC: Tripped-Out Psych Noise Lullabies

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Née: Ø +yn (Gustavo Valerga, María Victoria Arener, Pablo Picco and César Young) + GMC (mysteriously unknown sample master)
Raíces: La Plata, Argentina and Córdoba, Argentina
Sounds like: WTF is happening?
You should listen to GMC + Ø+yn because… this is a sophisticated music project that has brought together two of Argentina’s talented and mysterious music groups to make an amazing experimental album.

Argentina-based experimental groups GMC and Ø+yn have created a collaborative project that is a complete mind trip to say the least. These bands keep their identities almost entirely hidden and their music incredibly far out and experimental. Even though they are very underground and artsy, GMC and Ø+yn are both well respected for their music and have a cult following that is very excited about their new album, Popolus Ajeno (via Pakapi Records).

GMC (not to be confused with the automobile) is known as “La Plata, Argentina’s premiere solo sample twister,” and Ø+yn is a talented free form/experimental/freak folk band. Their musical combination makes for noisy deconstructed space rock, and the results: altogether brilliant.

If you like super weird experimental Latin psych rock, Popolus Ajeno is an album that is right up your alley. Even if you’re not into strange tripped-out noise music, GMC + Ø+yn is still worthy of a listen. They’ve put out a lot of great music as individual bands and as a collaborative project.

In courtesy of Pakapi Records, we offer you this exclusive FREE download of the collabo’s latest release below:

Popolus Ajeno – Ø+yn + GMC by PakapiRecords

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