Meet 3AM: Psychobilly Space Rock For Extraterrestrials

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Née: Chino Burga
Raíces: Lima, Peru
Sounds like: Psychobilly Rock.
You should listen because: 3AM is a really chilled music project to listen to. It’s like alternative rock for extraterrestrials.

3AM is a solo side project from Chino of La IrA De Dios and La Garua. Chino is a Peruvian punk rock icon and his career has spanned over a decade. 3AM is an interesting and mysterious mosaic of Chino’s personal musical sound. His music is clear, full of vigor and fun to listen to.

3AM is a more mature sounding incarnation of Chino’s self-proclaimed “unprofessional” sounding bands. He takes his time in creating tightly layered riffs with intelligent use of distortion that makes his music sound very professional, while at the same time, lo-fi and underground. His deep vocals and whispers create eerie reverbed soundscapes over his instrumentals making his music sound other-worldy.

3AM’s first album, UFO Blues Tapes is well produced and a pleasure to listen to. If you want to find out what extraterrestrial themed experimental post punk psychobilly rock and roll sounds like, indulge in 3 AM.