Meet Abdul Moimême: Portuguese Experimental Jazz for the New Millennium

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Née: Abdul Moimême
Raíces: Lisbon, Portugal
Sounds like: Experimental jazzy, mellow yet noisy music
You should listen to Abdul Moimême because… Abdul is a true and unconventional artist. His music is free form and requires talent and experience.

Abdul Moimême is an artist you should know about in regards to Latin (Portuguese) experimental music. This Native of Lisbon, Portugal is well travelled, well educated and well versed in the ways of heavily artistic improvised jazz and rock and roll. He is also a jazz and free jazz music journalist and columnist who started a website to highlight and support improvised music artists from Portugal.

Abdul’s collaboration with popular Swiss music duo, Diatribes is a great example of Moimême’s cultured taste in free form and improvised music. He along with Diatribes created an amazingly potent sounding experimental, improvised album called Complaintes de maree basse (2009) via Swiss netlabel, Insubordinations.

We love interesting and well-composed forms of experimental music and free jazz. Take the time to expand your musical palette and check out Abdul’s history and music.

Insubordinations offers Abdul Moimême & Diatribes’ latest album Complaintes de maree basse as a free download. Click below to stream/own it!