Meet Alto Perú: Ñu Cumbia ode to San La Muerte

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Née: Negro Delgado (pictured), Mariano Repetto & Pepe Cuadrelli
Raíces: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds like: Early ZZK ñu-cumbia with audio-tune
You should listen to Alto Perú because… they’re bringing the fun back to ñu-cumbia.


Alto Perú was the pre-independence name of the territory currently known as Bolivia. In this case, however, it’s the name of this ñu-cumbia band that’s not Bolivian, neither Peruvian, but they’re actually from the northern outskirts of the Argentine capital.

They play cumbia with a heavy reggae influence, catchy unpretentious melodies and funny lyrics that will please the fans of Fauna, Fantasma and Dead Menems (all artists included in the first Cumbia Digital compilation by ZZK Records). In this case we have them praying to the guarani deity Saint Death, with random references to projectile vomiting and dancing over some speaker (go figure) before liberally quoting a verse from Bravo & DJ’s “Difacil Rap,” a classic early ’90s hip-house one-hit-wonder from Spain. For this particular version, Kinky Electric Noise, from Miami, FL voluntarily remixed the track emphasizing even more its already irresistible dancefloor-smashing potential, but you can also download the original for free, along with many other goodies from Alto Perú’s own soundcloud.

Alto Peru – San La Muerte (Kinky Electric Noise Remix) by Kinky Electric Noise