Meet Ardnaxela: Bori-Mex Chanteuse

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Née: Alexandra Rosa
Raíces: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Sounds like: Rocío Durcal meets The Pixies
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Ardnaxela because…she’ll remind you of classic telenovela soundtracks and melodrama.


Don’t blame your lack of Spanish language skills if you have a hard time trying to pronounce Ardnaxela’s name. Even I had to triple check the spelling when typing this. I know, it sounds more like those drugs for the elderly you see advertised on afternoon TV, rather than a name of a Latin musician.

But Ardnaxela is the stage alter ego of Alexandra Rosa (yes, it’s her first name spelled backwards, duh!), a Boricua rockera living in Mexico who used to play with Vivanativa and is now determined to take the solo road.

Telecine de la tarde is the title of her first, and so far only, album where she explores her obsession with late ’60s and early ’70s Latin cinema and cheesy television, and mixes influences from typical rock en español with less obvious references to old school Latin crooners like Sandro and José José. She’s now coming out with a brand new EP titled Fantastidate and “Película” is its first poppy single.

Download Ardnaxela’s “Película” below de GRATIS and try saying her name five times fast. Go!