Meet Argentine Krautrock Heroes Go-Neko!

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Né(e): Pipe, Mariano Neko, Tom, Manu, El Peta, Sub-comandante Brown, Mike Ontry
Raíces: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds Like…El Ten Eleven with sick keyboards and more members
You should listen to Go-Neko! because…Argentinos know their krautrock.

We can always trust the tastemakers at Argentine record label Discos Laptra to share some great tunes with us. The La Plata-based label is home to some of the country’s best new rock groups such as El Mató a un Policía Motorizado, Niño Elefante, Mi Pequeña Muerta, and, the subject of this blogpost, Go-Neko!

Go-Neko! is a music group from Buenos Aires with an affinity for beer, futbol, Maradona, and ping-pong that also happens to make great instrumental rock music à la Krautrock. Their latest is a tale of the fight against Los Malos De Verdad, which concludes with their latest two-song release, “Muerte A La Máquina Fantasma.” The epic, world-shattering conclusion can be downloaded free at the band’s Web site or listen to it below.